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Everyone has secrets.
I have them too.
Secrets will kill you
if you keep them.
Maybe it's time
I told you mine. 

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One of the most honest, thoughtful books on sexuality from a Christian perspective that I've ever read. This is the kind of conversation  we need to be having today.

dorothy littell greco, author

Isn't it time we in the church get honest about sex without the shame and grief that has traumatized so many?

In Don't Tell Anyone You're Reading This, Dr. Lina AbuJamra gives a refreshing and honest look at what it’s like to struggle with sexual temptation and shame and how the Church can better support Christians and communities in these challenging and often avoided topics. In a memoir-like style, Lina shares her own struggle with sexual temptation with openness and vulnerability. She offers hope and encouragement while also providing an in-depth look at the heart of the problem of sexual sin. 


In an era where immorality is rampant and sexual failure is too common, this book is a no-holds-barred discussion on why Christians still struggle with sexual sin and how to change. This is a talk about sex in a very practical and real way that will finally lead us to freedom. It’s a candid conversation about what it means to put ourselves in the battle and come out holy. 

The topics discussed resonate and reach further than just one situation and will challenge the reader to eliminate anything that stands in their way of intimacy with Jesus.

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Lina AbuJamra is a pediatric ER doctor who now practices telemedicine and in her “spare” time enjoys attending her nephews’ football games, traveling, and lingering over a fine meal.


A podcaster, conference speaker and a popular Bible teacher, she founded Living with Power Ministries to provide medical care and humanitarian help to Syrian refugees and others in disaster areas. She also hosts a radio show and is the author of several books, most recently Fractured Faith and her new Bible Study Through the Desert: A Study on God’s Faithfulness.


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Audio (Read by Dr. Lina)

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Telling your story is one of the first steps to step into the light and live in freedom.


We'd love to hear your story. We believe it will encourage others in their journey too.

For Book Clubs


It’s thrilling to see that so many of you have chosen to read Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Reading This with your book club.


Download a free reading group guide with thoughtful questions to help you guide your discussion. Feel free to use it to reflect on the reading experience on your own, too!

You can also join an online book club in Dr. Lina’s Facebook community here:

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For media inquiries regarding Don't Tell Anyone..., please contact Dr. Lina's Executive Assistant at

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Who Is This Book For

You long to live holy in a culture that isn’t.


You want to be honest about your struggle with temptations and live in victory as a Christ-follower.


You want to understand why we continue to do the things we hate and how to change.


You want to live a life pleasing to the Lord Jesus and find in Him your greatest joy.


You want to learn about and uphold a biblical outlook on sexuality.


You are looking for ways to talk with your kids about the challenging issues they are facing.


You long to overcome shame and guilt and live in the abundant, joy-filled life Jesus made possible for us.

You’re ready to do the things you need to do to live in the light because that’s where freedom is.


Written for any “Christ-following man or woman with a human body,” this book is a transparent look at my personal story filled with biblical insight all from a Christian doctor’s perspective. – Dr. Lina AbuJamra


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